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ABOUT My music

I am a songwriter, producer and performer from Iowa.  I moved to Los Angeles in 2009 after graduation with a BFA in acting from The Hartt School in Connecticut.  I have always been passionate about storytelling and about music, and shortly after moving to LA, initially to act, I began writing music and performing in clubs around the city.  I quickly realized that I felt a stronger connection to story and to the emotive power of language, through song and music than through acting.  I began to write everyday and perform as often as possible.


By 2015 I had built a presence in the music scene in LA with two bands, Almost Classy and West Coast Weekend.  With these groups I toured the US many times over playing colleges, small theaters, private events, and major events like the Kentucky Derby.

As I grew as a songwriter and as a performer I began to understand two things. First of all, that I have a knack for bringing music to life, for working with another person or team of people to create something specific. Secondly, I realized that the storytelling aspect of film which I've always loved was inextricably linked to the story telling aspect of song.  These discoveries led me further down the path of producing music for other artists, as well as writing and producing music for film.

I believe that my ability to listen and cooperate with another creator, combined with my instincts for alternative pop and rock music make me a great producer.  I also believe that my melodic and lyrical intuition helps to

expand the emotional frame in which stories are told on film, and that when given a frame in which to work, to co-create, I am able to blend the meeting point of music and film, creating a soundtrack that suits any given project naturally and powerfully. 

I work from my modest home studio which puts me in a position to create music in a space with what feels like limitless creative boundaries.  If the last two years have served to do anything, it's been to solidify my belief in our human, physiological need for music that connects to story.  So, that’s what I am here to create.  For help bringing your music to life, or for custom, original music for your film, or any story telling project, please reach out and let’s have a conversation about your hopes, ideas and needs. Thanks!

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